Monday, November 05, 2007

Right to Gather in Peace vs Free Speach

Letter to KVI Radio: John Carlson & Ken Schram
John, Ken, You where pounding each other on KVI radio the other day regarding what to do about protesters at funerals. I was on hold with the unifying voice of reason to answer the quandary of how to avoid Ken's free speech slippery slope while respecting the mourners rights. Unfortunately you-all ran out of time yelling at each other. This program's communication mode of fast talking slam and filibuster is getting boring but let me now point out why the supreme court will likely side against the protesters.

Neither of you observed that in the same 1st amendment as "free Speech" it also states an even more compelling right that doesn't get much air time "the right of the people to peaceably assemble." Without that you could not even gather in a gym. Neither the Boy Scouts nor the NAACP would would be safe from the intrusion of government edicts and interventions. That, I dare say, is even more important than the right to use the public square. In this case it creates a competing interest - both of which are protected constitutional rights. There is a right to gather peacefully - (both to not disturb the peace nor to have the peace of your gathering disturbed) and it is from that right that the so called "right to privacy" is derived.

Simple, fair laws are already in place in all cities that can be applied or extended to address this competing interest. It is because of that right that a public conveyance like city streets or a city owned convention center can be rented or otherwise allocated by permit for exclusive use on a temporary basis. In this case, the area of "rental" or allocation is the cemetery and some length of road used by the procession could be included that would allow unimpeded and exclusive access for their private affair. Think of the area like a convention center that you can have exclusive, even guarded access too. Laws prohibiting the "Disturbance of Peace" or trespass could be applied in any of the permit covered areas.

This does an end run around the mourners sensibilities vs.. the amendment argument by casting the issues on equal competing constitutional grounds and resolves the conflict by simple policy formulation. By using the permit for a temporary gathering, it sidesteps the whole abortion clinic argument altogether. Very tidy.

Now Schram - Don't be such a coward. It is precious hard to get a word in edgewise and in my case you hung up on me once when I tried to speak about "Free Killing Zones" See if you have the courage to keep me on the air for more than a minute sometime.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gun Free Zones. -> Free Killing Zones

Our founding fathers understood that there would always be a few evil men but that the vast - vast majority – were decent folks. They also understood that rather than a massive police state, a virtuous society could and would largely police itself provided the populous was armed.

Unfortunately laws of late have codified an increasing abandonment of faith in the virtue of the people. Just last year Virginia congress voted down a proposed law that would have returned the right of permitted individuals to protect themselves on campus. It is obvious, it is undeniable that if only a tiny fraction of the 30,000 good students on campus had been armed as the constitution allows at very least this tragedy would have been greatly mitigated – perhaps even avoided.

The founding fathers knew this. Thomas Jefferson wrote “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” "Commonplace Book," 1774-1776

To restore faith in the general virtue of the people, we should on one hand have a national database mitigating weapon access for all individuals deemed dangerous by any judge and even more importantly we should eliminate these dangerous “Gun Free Zones.” In a free state, when the people are prohibited from any meaningful self defense, these are nothing but “Free Killing Zones”. Washington and Jefferson had faith in the virtue of the people. I join them in believing in you.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Anti-War Protesters are Decidedly Anti-American
Letter to Seattle Times
Dear Editor
The anti-war Democrats keep complaining that about being accused as non-patriotic or seditious. Up ‘til now, their feigned complaints were almost entirely warrantless but were strategically designed to preemptively squelch even the potential for such an accusation. Nevertheless, the Democrat cut-n-run pronouncements have without a doubt emboldened both the enemy without and the now strident enemy within. Captured communications from Iraq as well as daily broadcasts and internet postings from our enemies call the Democrat victory at the polls THEIR victory. Anti-American protesters in Seattle and Portland seditiously burned and trampled our flag and shockingly even burned a US soldier in effigy. This clearly demonstrates that the Islamo-fascist enemies have captured the hearts and minds of the liberal left. There was only locked arms of solidarity rather than self censure of the “F-the-Troops” banners. In my own neighborhood, this week a community presentation of US flags and a non-political “Thanks for Your Service” was torn down and thrown into a muddy ditch. This is the Democrat legacy, if not treason, then sedition and if the Democrats don’t nip this monster in the bud right now it’s going to tear our community apart and leave a legacy of stink and shame, the stench of which has not reached my nostrils since the atrocious treatment dished out to our boys returning from Vietnam. Newspapers and politicians have dissented from every war we have ever fought including our own revolution; that we tolerate. This despicable trend, if it is one, will not be tolerated and I call on our community to support and defend our troops even if you are one who can’t see the virtue of the mission they are called upon to do.
Steve Marquis


Dear Friends of Liberty, This is a great organization has begun counter-protests and had 30,000 folks show up recently for a rally at DC. They are worth plugging into. Here is a short clip from their home page:
“As Reagan said, ‘the problem with liberals is that they know so much that isn’t true.’ The Left has a different script for the war in Iraq, a script for defeat, just like Vietnam. It’s rotten and wrong and the Left has handcuffed itself to this doomsday scenario. They want to lose out of perversity while we want to win out of patriotism and the desire to lift up the world into freedom. The Left isn’t up to that kind of heavy lifting.”

The battle is right here and right now. You can call in to talk radio, write letters, participate partnered with a ghost writer and show up at a rally. Boots on the ground are what turns the tide and bemoaning what is happening without action is worthless.

There are more graphic graphics at my WEB site.

This letter’s distribution is from all individuals who wished to be informed. If you are of like mind and would like to participate in any way, email me back. I will be hooking up with the gathering of Eagles to try and leverage their good work.
Another good group to draw from is found at

If you did not intend to be on this distribution please reply simply “no-thanks” and I’ll remove you from the list “no-problem”
Steve ,
Cascade Minutemen

Ps I don’t know if this will print, but I sent this to our local paper last night.

Dear Editor
Along the In Preston-Fall City road, for a number of years, some thoughtful soul has been decorating a rock retaining wall with themes of the season, patriotic bunting and for the last while a banner that said generally “Thanks for Serving.” Business adds and political acrimony has been thankfully kept from this positive addition to our community – until recently that is , when increasingly strident protests began their attack here in our home town.
In our day when controversy causes some to question our nation’s direction in the prosecution of our war with terrorism, it’s opponents have been vocally hypersensitive about being labeled unpatriotic. Well, one of these “patriotic” individuals tore down this home brew monument last week and trampled our nation’s flags and the thank-you into a muddy ditch.
If you thought the shamefully treatment of our soldiers by anti-war protesters in the days of Vietnam was a thing of the past, think again. The stench of that foul treatment is beginning again. The shameful banners and the burning of a US soldier in effigy in Portland recently was shocking but know this. it starts by tolerating seditious acts and overlooking it, in the name of tolerance, rather than vigorously condemning it and calling it what it is – anti-American and clear aid and comfort to the enemy. I did what I could to restore the presentation and I invite everyone in the community to improve and to guard this positive affirmation of our great nation and those who sacrifice and in some cases risk their lives in other’s behalf, be it soldiers, our local police and firefighters or the virtual army of volunteers across our land.
Steve Marquis
Fall City