Sunday, March 25, 2007


Anti-War Protesters are Decidedly Anti-American
Letter to Seattle Times
Dear Editor
The anti-war Democrats keep complaining that about being accused as non-patriotic or seditious. Up ‘til now, their feigned complaints were almost entirely warrantless but were strategically designed to preemptively squelch even the potential for such an accusation. Nevertheless, the Democrat cut-n-run pronouncements have without a doubt emboldened both the enemy without and the now strident enemy within. Captured communications from Iraq as well as daily broadcasts and internet postings from our enemies call the Democrat victory at the polls THEIR victory. Anti-American protesters in Seattle and Portland seditiously burned and trampled our flag and shockingly even burned a US soldier in effigy. This clearly demonstrates that the Islamo-fascist enemies have captured the hearts and minds of the liberal left. There was only locked arms of solidarity rather than self censure of the “F-the-Troops” banners. In my own neighborhood, this week a community presentation of US flags and a non-political “Thanks for Your Service” was torn down and thrown into a muddy ditch. This is the Democrat legacy, if not treason, then sedition and if the Democrats don’t nip this monster in the bud right now it’s going to tear our community apart and leave a legacy of stink and shame, the stench of which has not reached my nostrils since the atrocious treatment dished out to our boys returning from Vietnam. Newspapers and politicians have dissented from every war we have ever fought including our own revolution; that we tolerate. This despicable trend, if it is one, will not be tolerated and I call on our community to support and defend our troops even if you are one who can’t see the virtue of the mission they are called upon to do.
Steve Marquis

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Chris Lowe said...

I don't expect that you will accept what I say, because it seems likely that you have fixed preconceptions that won't allow you to do so. But in case I am wrong ...

The incident of burning in effigy of a U.S. soldier at the March 2007 was not carried out by Democrats or liberals. It was carried out by persons who identify themselves as radical anti-authoritarians or anarchists, who disdain Democrats along with Republicans as capitalist parties, and disdain liberals as merely reformists when they (the anti-authoritarians/ anarchists) believe a revolution is necessary to achieve the social change they desire.

They represent a small minority of the persons who participated in that demonstration and who typically participate. Most participants were unaware of what was happening. They were confronted by some other demonstrators, some of whom also pointed them out to police (in terms of the dangers posed by fire in a crowd). This fact became a major point of contention in planning the March 2008 anniversary of the Iraq invasion demonstration.