Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speak out against being silent.

Regarding a [gay] Day of Silence protest carried out in the public Schools.

The claim is ‘Gays are bullied’, but there is precious few examples of the feigned persecution worthy of such extreme unrelenting remedy. We have endured this never ending, in your face pressure to see this abhorrent behavior as normative, but not just normal, but acceptable and not just acceptable but worthy of promotion . There are clubs and rallies and parades and press releases and days of protest and unnecessary gratuitous injection of gay gay gay in a large majority of movies. Enough!

Those of us who do not want this constant brainwash object to our public schools being used as surrogate soldiers in a long siege on the morality of our people. If there was obvious goodness in this lifestyle, it might be harder to object, but the demonstrated badness of this lifestyle begs a stern rejection and demands the airing of the true facts; that homosexuals are 10 times more likely to molest your child or youth; that if your youth practices homosexuality, he/she is 4 times more likely to commit suicide and that remains true even in European societies that overtly embrace this lifestyle (so much for the bullying argument), that promiscuity is rampant in this lifestyle and is primarily responsible for the plague of AIDS.
It matters not whether the tendency is innate or learned. Men may naturally be attracted to many women, but it is judged bad for society and bad for the individuals to pursue such passions and so we shun that behavior. This day of silence is nothing more than another tactic in the unrelenting assault on our collective common sense. I reject that homosexuality should be promoted as either normative or alternative. I say speak out now against the being silent.