Thursday, November 05, 2009

Friends, Family, Patriots

We saw the 1st crack in the Socialcrat dam this week. Thank God and a lot of your hard work. In the last few months we have seen the largest gathering of Americans EVER and it was us!!!!

Here are a few things you can do this week:

1) SUPERBOWL OF FREEDOM called for tomorrow 11/4 Washington Steps of the Capital facing the Monument. Just come! If you cant make it tomorrow, then Friday or Saturday go to their offices and talk to the staff and your reps. THIS IS the GAME. If you cannot travel then go to your local offices in person. If you cannot go in person then call. This is not the time to expect someone else to do the work. This is your work to do. Each and every one of us must make the effort to prevail.

2) Stay in the game; Sign the National Petition Opposing Socialized

3) Keep contacting your representatives; one each week. Be in their faces in email, snail-mail and in their offices. It does make a difference. A real easy way to get your letters to your senators and your State reps came my way. friendsoftheuschamber I used it and it was REAL EASY and saved my time. I used it to send a sharply worded letter about healthcare and cap-n-tax. It can be read at my blog My Blog now allows feedback/comments can also be accessed on my website .

I have also been fighting local issues of Obama Cult worship in the schools and promotion of left agendas including homosexuality. This involved leafleting, picketing, testifying at School board meetings and post meeting ongoing dialog with the school board members. You can read some of my arguments at:

And At my Home Page starting with the text " The difference starts here "

My Website has also been updated with links to my interactive blog and new Crisis buttons to focus on the several war fronts.

Good Luck; May it be said "We fought the Good Fight"

Steve Marquis of 425-698-7084

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