Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Regulate Commerce" meant to make regular(uniform) - Not Micro-manage!

Open Letter to Congress:
Congressional Republicrats, Socialcrats and hardened communist-democratic traitors in Congress. Do not throw away our greatness and sovereignty for international controls of energy and neo-communist control of healthcare. I strongly urge you to oppose H.R. 3962,

For a tiny fraction of the proposed bloated government takeover, you could fund insurance vouchers for the poor and frankly the illegal’s should be deported. Anyway healthcare cost are rising because we keep inventing new technology and people want it; not because of out of control insurance companies. Cost containment would be best served by eliminating state restrictions to interstate insurance offerings. That is the only constitutionally valid regulatory action you should take. The job was to "Make Regular" The phrase was never meant to be a ticket to manage the trade! Your actions since WW2 are a total abuse of the constitutional powers sustained by horrible decisions during war time - the same court that interned the Japanese Americans.

It is the utmost hubris and play-God arrogance for congress to assume that it can manage healthcare or any other aspect of our economy. If you get the hell out of the way, the people will prosper. Didn’t you learn anything from the USSR or the dismal health care situation in Canada and other nations that used to be free?

You stood by and in the case of some members actually caused the housing crisis that precipitated the economic trials. You, the congress, through action or milk toast inaction are the responsible parties. You enabled Fanny and Freddy and Urban Development goals. You congress are 100% responsible. Do you think we trust you to micro-manage 20% of the economy. Are you completely power mad?

If you manage to pass this leap to communist control of health care, I will be the 1st of many to instantly sue to stop your unconstitutional abuse of federal power. I will work tirelessly to defeat you at the polls and I will work to have you recalled for failure to defend the constitution.

You Got that! I and millions of Americans; real Americans, like the over million of us who set the record for marches on Washington recently are going to be in your face.

Get the hell out of our lives. Is that plain enough?

In short, your unconstitutional power grabbing intervention will make a bad situation worse, at great costs to the nation in jobs, taxes, and freedom.

I strongly urge you to oppose H.R. 3962.

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