Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RE: Orly Taitz petition for redress of grievance in behalf of Army Captain Connie Rhodes denied hearing by Supreme Court 1/10/2011

In 1776 when our founders penned their list of grievances one of the most prominent and repeated was the failure of King George to allow petition to government for redress of grievance. It is unlikely the United States would have ever come into being were it not for their frustration with the deaf ear turned to the colonists by the English courts and the king.

This day will be added to a growing list of grievances issued one day to a government sunk back to tyranny like a dog to his vomit. When a person or his lawyer is rejected for so called lack of standing (that's an unconstitutional device that denies your right to redress of grievance.); when on a single case, the petitioner is threatened or in fact charged with financial penalties for daring to petition the government - then the day of liberty is over and King George will finally have had his revenge.

Come to think of it, Mr. Obama claims (with no proof I hasten to add) that his father was a British citizen, so in a very real way ol' King George finally did get his revenge - placing a British subject on the American throne.

No wonder he rules like one.

American parent(s)?, No American birth certificate? -> No American respect. The Usurper from 'who knows where' must go.

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