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Is Raising the issue of Obama's eligability helpul or hurtful to the GOP?

Many Conservative commentators have been running scared of associating themselves with the Natural Born Citizen Clause issue. If they would be informed and just stick to the political issue of whether it would be helpful or not to the cause, their lack of promotion would be tolerable. getting their 'facts' from the camp of the enemy is not.
Review my slightly expanded letter sent to Talk Show host John Gibson and please feel free to pass this on to talk show hosts across the land and your friends. The arguments are very sound and address the most common talking points. This effort needs all your help. Grass roots requires each blade to do something. Will you take a few minutes and send this on today?
Yours in the cause for the American people
Steve Marquis

Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2011 12:32 AM
Subject: Factual errors in your section on Natural Born Citizenship question and GOP
As one of the initial people starting this movement, I say you raised a good question on your show about the NBC issue helping or hurting GOP chances in 2012. With over 50% of all Americans questioning or at least uncertain about the legitimacy of the President, I would argue that we have created a gut level visceral distrust that will count more against the president – some overtly but many more at a subliminal level.
I’m sorry given the volume of email you must get that this note isn’t a sound bite, but there are a number of good sound bites embedded herein!

Yes we will cause some to swing the other way, but many more will enter the debates already distrusting the man. It works well enough for the GOP to let us do the battle and let the GOP simply say “If Obama was as transparent as he promised ½ the nation would not be raising this question; When will Mr. Obama stop hiding his agenda on gun confiscation…” – and then change the subject to substantive issues. We do the damage, the GOP reaps the benefit but they have to ALWAYS turn it onto offence. Always merge the subjects and immediately attack the president for his hidden agendas. Its legit and very powerful as long as the candidates stay off their heels and attack.

This is a good debate to have but do get your facts straight and please don’t unfairly denigrate our position. Let me point out a couple of factual errors and key omissions made on your show last night (KTTH about 8:30pm PST).
Error/omission 1) Governor failed to find any hospital record. While some may speculate if a relative placed the notice, it was the practice to push that notice from the health department to the local newspapers as you pointed out. That makes the announcement redundant – not independent confirmation as some like Glen Beck have asserted. Trump is therefore to be excused repeating this as Glen and many others have voiced it. Trump is basically right though in that it only took one interested party, probably the supposed Grandmother, to fill out a form at the Health Department claiming a birth of a Hawaiian resident to create that infamous notation the Governor claims knowledge of to cause the announcement to be pushed to the newspapers. If the baby was born in a pickup truck, rather than a hospital, this is the same kind of record that could have been created. Astonishingly, in Hawaii, even an off shore birth could be registered as Hawaiian if one of the parents were claimed to have been a resident in Hawaii the previous year! That is the essence of Trumps statement. This is fundamentally why the Governor utterly and embarrassingly failed in his campaign promise to find the actual birth record. Apparently there is none - other than the notation in the record and that is why he failed.
Error/omission 2) Prophetic view or just an anchor baby. You created a paper tiger about motives, thinking no one would have any other reason to claim US citizenship for a foreign birth than some prophetic view of a future presidency. Ask any of the tens of thousands of anchor baby mothers if they can find a reason for establishing US citizenship! It may be more interesting than that, but it might not be any more complicated than that either.
Error/omission 3) White & Brown candidates challenged too. As a reporter/commentator, surely you know that many of our law suits named John McCain as well as Callaro as potential usurpers to the Presidency; none of the three having passed the NBC tests. You would also know that McCain was in fact challenged in Court over his status, only his case was heard unlike the dozens of cases against Obama which have all been sidestepped by judicial sleight of hand rather than an open court decision. Interestingly for the conspiracy minded, his lawsuit was dropped by the plaintiff just before the judge could actually rule…

Regarding the several cases that made it to the Supreme court for review, Justice Thomas who has advocated these cases, said of his colleagues, “We are avoiding that issue!” Many other Presidential and VP candidates over the years have been challenged in court and it was quite common in the past for the candidate to be required to show his Birth credentials to each state to be on the ballot in the 1st place. Racism is just a red herring used by real racists who can’t see beyond their own skin bias.

Error/omission 4) Parentage. Lastly and very importantly note that there are numerous lawsuits, several of which I had a personal hand in, that Justice Thomas tried to bring before the court that key off Obama’s sworn statements of his parentage – NOT his place of birth. George Washington and the other founders were quite concerned that a “Son of King George,” as it were, could be born on US soil, then by intrigue, be elevated to the presidency; his divided loyalties to then be exploited.

The Dual Citizen issue was of great concern hence the requirement for Natural Born Citizen Status. Some have attempted to water this down to just being “born here,’ but the clear intent was to avoid divided loyalties in the president if one or both of his parents had foreign loyalties inculcating those same foreign loyalties in the child; hence the statement “subject to the jurisdiction therein.” They also deemed it prudent that the child be born here, together with US citizen parents, to maximize the likelihood that the child be raised and acculturated in the local culture with singular loyalties.

John, The man acts like a foreigner with very questionable loyalties, raised abroad by a hodge-podge ‘family’ of known communists, coddled as a fatherless youth by communist poet Frank Marshall Davis, paid through school by foreign Islamic fascists, apprenticed and elevated to power in Illinois by communists terrorists and radicals like Ayers and mentored for decades by “God Damn America” politically driven preachers like Wright, who now bows to foreign royalty and conducts internal policies like the socialist/communists he trained under. He was a stealth candidate with no appreciable voting record, no writings from his law school days to review, sealed records from every institution of record, the briefest of published health records and to keep these empty list brief not even school buddies with any memory of him. This is simply unprecedented - the man is a ghost!
John, Mr Obama seems to be in very deed King George’s revenge - at last.
Steve Marquis

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